Bus Queue Shelter ads are the advertisements propped above the sheltered waiting area at the various Bus Stops all across the city Bus Queue Shelters are an outstanding advertising medium for all metropolitan towns and wealthy neighbourhoods. These ads are put up on top of bus stops are seen by travellers waiting at bus stops and passers-by. They have high impact and visibility and are also available in areas where most other large format advertising mediums might be prohibited.Since people spend a major part of their day traveling from one place to another, these ads have a high viewership and advertising through this medium can be extremely lucrative.

Benefits of choosing Bus Queue Shelter Advertising

Advertising through Bus Queue Shelters has a number of advantages for advertisers, some of which are given below-

  • Size of an ad is a very important factor while advertising your product. The larger the ad the more it would stand out among the other surrounding ads. BQS ads are quite large in size and thus can easily grab the attention of not just travellers but also people passing by the bus stops. This makes them a lot more impactful than the smaller sized ads.
  • Besides this, the angle and the height at which the ads are positioned are also extremely important ads that are placed too far away from the regular person’s eye level have high chances of not being seen. BQS ads are a lot closer to the eye level than hoardings which are placed at great height and distance from viewer’s eye level making them nearly impossible to miss. BQS is the only large sized OOH medium that can provide eye level placement and that gives it an edge over the other mediums.
  • When it comes to measuring the impact that an ad creates on the intended audience, recall rate is considered to be one of the very important factors. In order to ensure a high recall rate, the target audience must be exposed to the ad repeatedly at short intervals. People who travel back and forth by the same route come across Bus Queue Shelter ads on a regular basis giving the brands the benefit of repeated exposure and thereby that of a better recall rate as well.
  • Since these ads the placed at the roadsides at the eye level, the heavy traffic in the cities would allow the passers-by to stop and view the ad for a relatively longer period of time and the people waiting for buses get to see these ads for an even larger time period thus ensuring greater recall.
  • Unlike most other mediums where advertisements continue to compete for the prime-time ad spots by paying higher and higher prices, mediums like BQS are not dependent on a particular timing to get the audience to see them. Bus Stops are extremely active throughout the day and thus these ads do not depend upon factors like time slots. Besides this, brands have high visibility during the peak hours when the traffic is highest without paying anything extra.
  • When it comes to hoarding there are a lot of restrictions related to them and for that reason there are certain areas where putting up hoardings might not be possible or even be prohibited all together, in such cases, BQS ads can come in handy since there is no restriction on these ads anywhere and since bus stop shelters at present at short distances in all the nooks and crannies of the city advertisers can target any and every area through this medium.
  • When it comes to television, radio and most other ad mediums the scope for creativity is rather limited to the creativity of the content. But when it comes to this medium, BQS ads not only provide great flexibility of content but also an unlimited scope for creativity in various other ways thus allowing brands to deliver their message in a much more impactful. Ads on BQS can be made 3 dimensional, popping out of the surface or even with a moving part making them hard to miss.
  • Targeting is an extremely important concern for brands. Wrong targeting can not only increase the cost of the campaign by having it seen by the wrong group of people but also make it ineffective as the actual target audience might not get to see the ad. BQS advertising can be made extremely target oriented by placing these ads strategically planned routes allowing brands to penetrate into the target segment in a more effective manner.
  • Since people passing by these ads can belong to all classes of people these ads can effectively target both upper and lower segments of the society. With the correct placement of these ads in the right areas would allow brands to reach out to their targeted demographic easily.
  • Bus Queue Shelter Ads are placed on backlit surface thus they are visible even at night time due to the illumination thus giving it visibility 24x7.
  • Unlike the television, newspaper, radio and most other mediums, BQS ads are extremely intrusive and they do not require explicit consent of the viewer, in order to make an impact. Newspaper, Television or Magazines must be picked up and opened before they are read. Radio Stations must be selected before the ad jingles are heard. But when it comes to mediums like BQS these get seen even when the viewer doesn’t intend to view them.
  • Moreover, unlike various other mediums these ads cannot be left unseen, they cannot be skipped, ignored or missed easily and do catch the eye of the viewers one way or the other.

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