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Author: Christie Kuriakose

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Driving Business Growth with Newspaper Advertising: Key Tactics and Tips

We will discuss the most effective strategies and advice for maximizing the effectiveness of newspaper advertising, as well as the part a newspaper advertising agency plays in this process.

Christie Kuriakose Jul 22, 20235 min read
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Why TV Advertising Is Still The Most Effective Way to Reach Consumers in 2023

With the rise of digital advertising, many people have wondered if TV advertisements are still effective. After all, digital ads can be targeted to specific audiences, and they can be tracked to see how effective they are. But the truth is, TV advertisements are still one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Christie Kuriakose Jul 20, 20235 min read
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A Comprehensive Billboard Advertising Guide for 2023

The use of a large-scale print advertisement to promote a business, brand, product, service, or campaign is known as billboard advertising (a billboard, or hoarding). To guarantee that the most automobiles and pedestrians see them, billboards are frequently placed in high traffic areas like highways and cities.

Christie Kuriakose Jul 19, 20235 min read
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Learn About The Top 7 News Portals to Work with In Your Next PR Strategy

In the digital age, leveraging the power of reputable news portals is crucial for a successful PR strategy. Collaborating with top platforms can amplify the reach and impact of your press releases, helping you connect with a wider audience and build brand credibility.

Christie Kuriakose Jul 14, 20235 min read
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The Power of Influencer Marketing: How It Can Transform Your Business

In the digital era of the present, businesses are no longer limited to traditional marketing methods. Traditional marketing boundaries are blurring, and the age of Influencer Marketing has come to the forefront

Christie Kuriakose Jul 12, 20235 min read
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Digital Trends in Sports Marketing Services: What You Need to Know

Digital and technological advancements are transforming industries across the board, and the sports industry is no exception. Sports marketing services are witnessing the powerful influence of digital trends.

Christie Kuriakose Jul 6, 20235 min read
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Engaging Consumers: The Power of The Top Outdoor Advertising Agency in Kolkata

In today's competitive world, customer acquisition, engaging consumers and building brand awareness are crucial for success. While digital marketing channels have gained prominence, an outdoor advertising agency in Kolkata continues to play a significant role. It still has the power to capture the attention of a wide range of consumers.

Christie Kuriakose Jun 26, 20235 min read
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Cinema Advertising Unleashed: Maximizing Brand Exposure on the Big Screen

Cinema has been a cherished source of entertainment for families and couples in India for decades. It offers a unique experience that brings joy and togetherness. After a sudden pause due to COVID, cinema is now roaring back to life

Christie Kuriakose Jun 26, 20235 min read
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Radio Advertising: Is it Still Effective? 2023 Statistics

Amidst the digital revolution and the rise of streaming platforms, one timeless medium continues to captivate audiences and deliver results: radio advertising. In a world increasingly dominated by digital media, one can't help but wonder about the relevance and effectiveness of radio advertising.

Christie Kuriakose Jun 16, 20235 min read
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The Role of Digital PR in Modern Marketing: Leveraging Online Platforms for Brand Visibility

The future of brands heavily depends on digital marketing. In less than 15 years, the advertising and marketing industries are going to get digitalized.

Christie Kuriakose Jun 9, 20235 min read
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The Rise of Experiential Branding: Creating Memorable Customer Experiences

Experiential branding is a type of branding strategy that looks after the overall branding and positioning of the company and its products and services while focusing on the experiences and interactions consumers are looking for. It is a customer service experience that helps brands differentiate from their competition by providing unique value to the brand.

Christie Kuriakose Jun 6, 20235 min read
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Choosing the Right Locations for Outdoor Advertising: Maximizing Visibility and Reach

The most successful and best outdoor campaigns consist of creative ads and, most importantly, strategic locations. Appropriate locations contribute to the campaign's success, leading to the generation of leads and sales.

Christie Kuriakose Jun 2, 20235 min read

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