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Everything you need to know about the Asia Cup 2023 advertisement

As the cricketing world gears up for the highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023, businesses should get ready to capitalize on the massive audience this cricketing event is going to attract. With millions of viewers tuning in from all corners of the world, Asia Cup 2023 advertising presents a prime opportunity for brands to showcase their products and services to a highly engaged audience. So, if you want to take advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Asia Cup TV advertising.

What is Asia Cup advertising?

Asia Cup Sports is a prestigious cricket tournament that takes place every two years and features some of the top cricket teams from the Asian region. The tournament has gained immense popularity over the years, attracting millions of viewers from around the world. As such, the Asia Cup 2023 provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to advertise their products and services to a vast audience.

Being the most high-profile cricket tournament in the world, the Asia Cup 2023 advertising provides excellent opportunities for brands to showcase their products and services at national and international levels.

Excellent publicity offers exclusive services like stadium branding, providing maximum visibility for brands through sports-influencer marketing.

Asia Cup 2023 ads will engage a wide audience in a short time, increasing the visibility and awareness of the brand.

Looking to boost brand visibility by advertising in the Cricket Asia Cup 2023? Let Excellent Publicity help you out! From booking the ad space to executing and tracking the campaign, Excellent Publicity will provide you with a hassle-free advertising and marketing experience and help you achieve your business goals.

Why Should Brands Invest in Asia Cup Advertising?

Asia Cup 2023 advertising features numerous benefits for brands looking for high-end visibility and exposure. Here are some more reasons why businesses should consider advertising in the Men’s Asia Cup 2023:

  1. Maximum Reach: The Asia Cup 2023 is viewed by millions of sports fans around the globe, making it the best platform for businesses to reach a large and diverse audience.
  2. Brand exposure: advertising in the Asia Cup India-Pakistan tournament can help businesses increase their brand exposure and create greater brand awareness among potential customers.
  3. Targeted marketing: As the Asia Cup is one of the most-watched cricket events, brands can specifically target the audience with their brand motive, thus increasing the visibility and exposure of the brand.

Don't miss out on this excellent marketing opportunity to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Invest in an experienced advertising agency like Excellent Publicity and advertise your products and services at the Asia Cup 2023.

What is the advertising cost of the Asia Cup 2023 on the Hotstar app?

Asia Cup advertising costs depend on the various ad options chosen by the brand. The rates may also vary depending on the format of the advertisement as well as its length and frequency.

Hotstar ads for the Asia Cup depend on additional factors such as target city, age demographic, and device price point, which will increase the CPM cost.

Right Place Where You Can Book Your Ad Space In Asia Cup 2023

Asia Cup TV advertising on Star Sports 1 is the best way for brands to promote brand engagement and visibility by attracting millions of viewers, thereby promoting credibility and improving sales conversion through brand associations.

Star Sports Asia Cup ads are the best way to reach a large audience and enhance brand recall within a short time.

Hotstar is the right place to book your ad space for the Men’s Asia Cup. Brands have a fantastic opportunity to use advertising on Hotstar Asia Cup 2023 to deliver high impact and increase brand visibility, thus leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Asia Cup Hotstar Ads offer a huge audience reach and drive revenue, generating brand awareness, sales, and high-quality leads.

For more detailed information, check out our Asia Cup 2023 advertising rates card, offered by Excellent Publicity for both TV and digital advertising platforms.

Asia Cup 2023 advertising on Star Sports

Marking the 16th edition of the Asia Cup 2023, the tournament will provide brands with high visibility and brand recall through creative advertising on the Star Sports channel to an engaged audience. Star Sports Asia Cup ads target audiences of all demographics, promoting credibility and brand engagement.

The Star Sports Asia Cup 2023 advertising rates depend on many factors, such as the media option selected by the client, the total duration of the ad when broadcast on TV, the number of commercials each day, and the ad packages chosen by the client to suit their needs and preferences.

Contact Excellent Publicity by phone or email to get the best media ad packages that are customized to your brand's objectives and preferences, as well as to learn more about advertising on Star Sports and the best rates for Asia Cup TV advertising.

Asia Cup 2023 advertising on Hotstar

Asia Cup 2023 is all set to be held in September 2023, marking an excellent opportunity for brands to deliver high-impact, engaging, and creative Asia Cup Hotstar ads to a wide audience in a short period of time.

Hotstar advertising for the Asia Cup offers various video advertising formats, such as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. Choose the format that best meets your advertising goals, such as banner ads or native ads, and cater to the audience according to their interests and requirements.

To receive the best rates for advertising on Hotstar Asia Cup 2023, contact Excellent Publicity, avail the best media ad packages, and promote highly engaging content across the platform.

How Can Excellent Publicity Help You Advertise in the Men's Asia Cup?

Excellent Publicity is a leading advertising agency that can help you book Asia Cup 2023 advertisements on Hotstar and Star Sports.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your advertising goals, budget, and target audience and create tailored campaigns for advertising in the Men’s Asia Cup 2023 that meet your expectations and ensure maximum reach.

Excellent publicity provides thorough assistance and support throughout the whole advertising and marketing process, from ad placement and campaign objectives through campaign implementation and tracking, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Sports marketing agencies in India such as Excellent Publicity can help brands with their advertising and marketing efforts by providing them with access to influencer marketing, stadium branding, sponsorships, etc.

Contact Excellent Publicity today to learn more about Asia Cup 2023 advertising rates.


Advertising on Asia Cup 2023 refers to the promotional activities and marketing campaigns done during the tournament. It presents excellent opportunities to enhance brand awareness and visibility. On the digital front, Asia Cup 2023 on Hotstar app ads can reach a wide digital audience and increase recognition. Advertisers have options to book ad slots for the Asia Cup 2023 & TV.

For advertising on the Asia Cup 2023, you can explore the marketing and advertising packages offered by Excellent Publicity. For placing ads in the Asia Cup, Hotstar is the ideal digital platform to reach wider audiences in a short period of time. Through brand endorsements and sponsorships, you can promote your ads in the Men's Asia Cup, engage with the right audience, and drive high leads and sales.

Asia Cup 2023 ad depend on various factors such as targeting, location, demographics, time-slot, duration, length, and frequency of the advertisements. The tournament is set to premiere in September, Excellent Publicity will provide you with the best advertising packages for the Asia Cup depending on the inventory, tailored to your objectives and preferences.

Yes, there may be certain restrictions for digital advertising in the Asia Cup, as Hotstar is the streaming platform for the Asia Cup 2023. There are certain guidelines and policies set by the organizers for advertising in Asia Cup 2023 on the Hotstar app. Advertisers and marketers have to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations to ensure that the brand’s advertising content aligns with the policies set by the organizers for the smooth processing of Asia Cup 2023 on Hotstar app advertising.

Yes, you can advertise your product/brand on the players jersey through the jersey branding in Asia Cup 2023. An advertising agency such as Excellent Publicity can help you get the best rates for Asia Cup Jersrey branding.

Contact Excellent Publicity to learn about the opportunities for advertising on Asia Cup 2023 today!

There are various digital opportunities for brands to place ads on Hotstar for the Asia Cup 2023. There are various media ad options available, like video ads, banner ads, OTT/TV and In-stadia for advertising the Asia Cup 2023 on Hotstar app ads.

Reach out to our Media Expert for more details about Asia Cup